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Teatro Fragranze Firenze è un brand di diffusori ambiente naturali: Oro, Tabacco, Patchulove e molte altre. Formati 250 ml, 500 ml e 1 litro


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Eau de parfum tobacco 100ml
Divine black air freshener 250ml
Divine black air freshener 500ml
Gold air freshener 250ml
Gold air freshener 250ml Sale price€57,00
Rose oud air freshener 250ml
Tobacco air freshener 250ml

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“Teatro Fragranze Uniche” is born combining the visions of Florentine noses, designers and expert artisans.

The brand gives life to a range of sweet and enveloping, sour and energetic, strong and emotional fragrances, expressed by the combination of essences and colors, shapes and finishes.
The creation process is facilitated by a creative laboratory where both the knowledge of artisan and artistic perfumery and the tastes and trends of the moment converge.

A kaleidoscope of olfactory emotions that slide along the lines of the design of elegant bottles that become a real treasure trove of emotions.