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Culti è un marchio premium nelle fragranze ambiente: Ficus, Mareminerale, Tessuto, Aramara e molti altri


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Aramara air freshener 500ml
Aramara room air freshener, 500ml black packageAramara room air freshener, 500ml black package
Air freshener was 500mlAir freshener was 500ml
Air freshener was 500ml Sale price€95,00
Mareminerale air freshener 1000mlMareminerale air freshener 1000ml
Mountain air freshener 500mlMountain air freshener 500ml
Ode rosae air freshener 500mlOde rosae air freshener 500ml
Aramara air freshener spray 500 ml
Fabric air freshener spray 500 ml
Fabric air freshener 500 mlFabric air freshener 500 ml
Fabric air freshener, 500ml black packageFabric air freshener, 500ml black package
The 500 ml air freshenerThe 500 ml air freshener
The 500 ml air freshener Sale price€95,00

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"Culti Milano" was born from the revolutionary idea that even space and objects could have a fragrance, that it was possible to surround oneself with olfactory quality as well as beautiful objects in pleasant environments.

A project between culture and style that marks a creative path that was never random, until it became a brand with a very personal soul.

Capable of recovering memories, "Culti" is the possibility of choosing a scent of the person, which accompanies them in the home and in life.